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10th October 2008

8:58pm: He thought the wind was just a shiver on his skin
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA is a palindrome. Ciao, babes.

8th April 2006

3:44pm: Closing Statement

A full transcript of the defence's closing statement at the trial of Norman DeJesus for the rape and murder of Lisa Thibaudeau.

Long, so behind a blogger cutCollapse )

What the hell is wrong with people? Have you seen this article about the trial? How about this one? Good god.

They did convict him, however.

15th October 2005

3:55pm: 'Nother almost annual update
And with three hundred and thirty-five days past since my last livejournalism, time for my 11/12ths-of-a-year-ly update: My livejournal now has 3 posts!

Best no dollars I ever spent.

Now if anyone wants me, I'll be in in my blox.

15th November 2004

2:01am: Blogger is patently superior to lj
The last time I posted on livejournal (also the first time) was January 21st, 2004. In the 320 days since then I've posted several more things with the better, handsomer blog servisse.
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